Send your employees to Lavendelhuset.

Employees need to feel supported, listened to, and empowered as a part of a team.
We would like to offer a day out for your staff and give them:
  • A positive experience
  • Reduce negativity amongst employees
  • Promote inner calm
  • A reconnection to themselves and to each other
Which makes for a more prosperous company and a happier working environment.
Lavendelhuset, can comfortably house 12 people for the day.
We are located in Midtsjælland surrounded by 15,500 square metres of nature.

We come to you.

We would like to offer 30 -75 minutes tailored event for your company.
Through the power of the breath we will show you how to enhance
  • Self-mastery
  • Emotional clearing
  • Ability to re-centre
  • Mental clarity and creativity
For a healthy and conflict free working environment.
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Sometimes it can feel like the world is unravelling.
Employees feel pressured. They are overwhelmed, tired and short-tempered.
This negatively affects productivity, quality of work and in the end… profit margins.
More people are leaving their jobs than ever before, which results in wasting time replacing and training new workers.
The old way of doing things doesn’t seem to be working anymore.
We need new goals, new approaches and new ways to re-connect again as a workforce.
Workers need to feel supported, listened to, and empowered as a part of a team.
We focus on mental and physical well-being through the power of breathwork and meditation which promotes connection, deep relaxation and leaves your team feeling energised.
Employees need to feel supported

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