Breathwork For Business

Breathwork gruppe med 3 personer

Breathwork as a tool for modern companies.


The old way of doing things doesn’t seem to be working anymore.


More people are leaving their jobs than ever before.


Employees feel pressured, tired, and overwhelmed.


This negatively affects productivity, quality of work and in the end profit margins.


We need new approaches, new goals and new ways to re-connect again as a workforce.


Breathwork is an effective tool to release stress and anxiety, and it enhances a healthy work-life balance.


Breathwork not only leaves your workers feeling more energized, it also promotes vulnerability-based trust and thus allows for a happier and healthier working environment.

Benefits of breathwork for boosting teams, leaders and co-workers.


Our breath mirrors our inner state of being. Through the power of breathwork you can learn to work with your breath to optimise performance and help workers to reach their full potential.


  • Creates a bond between workers and therefore increases empathy.


  • Reduces conflicts by Increasing workers own self-awareness.


  • Helps to reduce negativity in the workplace.


  • Helps to clear the mind so workers gain more clarity, are more focused and concentrated on work related tasks resulting in more efficiency.


  • Helps workers to process trauma, re-balance their nervous system and master their emotions.

We can offer your workplace a breathwork experience.


We can tailor a breathwork experience for your company to suit your needs and time frame.


We offer 30-75 minutes workshops of up to 20 people with scientifically proven breathwork techniques designed to enhance and empower your team.


We can come out to your company, or we can accommodate your team in Lavendelhuset* located in the forest for a fuller experience.


* Lavendelhuset, can comfortably house 12 people.

We are located in Midtsjælland surrounded by 15,500 square metres of nature.


** Consistency creates long lasting results, so we would recommend an additional weekly 30 minutes breathwork over 6-10 weeks.


*** We can also easily tailor a breathwork experience for 3- 5 hours.

Why choose breathwork?


Breathwork is a powerful and effective tool!


It changes your physiology and brain chemistry within minutes and cuts through resistance.


When a team breathes in synchronicity, they develop a bond and a connection to each other.


This will not only increase compassion and trust within the works place. It allows employees to admit when they are wrong, or need to ask for help as the environment will be more peer based instead of fear based.

Suzanne Jensen der udføre Breathwork

What do we need?


Your company needs to provide a room free from disturbances.


We play music so we need to be situated in a place where we do not disturb the rest of the work space.


There should ideally be space so that everyone can lie down comfortably.


We can provide yoga mats and blankets etc.


Vi har som et pilotprojekt tilbudt vores medarbejdere på hovedkontoret en ugentlig 30 minutters breathwork seance.

De, som benytter sig af tilbuddet, finder stor værdi i sessionerne – både arbejdsmæssigt og privat.

Det giver dem først og fremmest ro i krop og sind, og resulterer i en god og afstressende start på dagen. Derudover føler de, at de får mere energi til resten af dagen og generelt har mere overskud.

Deltagerne bruger også de teknikker og værktøjer, de lærer, privat. Til bedre at slappe af, til at være mere tilstede i nuet, til egen omsorg, til at bryde med uønskede vaner og mønstre.

Medarbejderne udtrykker generelt en stor taknemmelighed for dette tiltag.

Stor tak til Suzanne og Philip for at gøre dette muligt. Og for deres fantastiske tilgang til disse sessioner. Den varmeste anbefaling herfra.

Tine Friis, L & D Manager hos Georg Jensen


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